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Dr. Sajid mehmood Nadeem

I am strongly committed for achieving excellence in promoting not only higher education but also initiating advanced research programs. As all of us already know, UAF has gained international recognition through its remarkable research in the field of agriculture. Hence, our prime goal is to continue the legacy of UAF by embracing the global standards of education, and subsequently implementing the guidelines and policies of UAF in its true spirit. It is my strong urge that all the departments/Sections should cooperate with each other and play a vital role in ensuring the enhancement of quality education and research work in order to uplift this institution to the norms set by University of Agriculture, Faisalabad itself.

I am very confident that UAF Sub-Campus Burewala-Vehari will continue to strive for improvement in the quality of higher education and research work through technological advancements.Dedicated and devoted efforts are being made to bring this Sub-Campus to the forefront. We will deliver quality and standard education to produce competitive and qualified young staff in all disciplines. I am very optimistic that such initiatives will benefit farmers, owners of farmlands, agricultural enterprises, their shareholders, employees working in the areas covered by the rehabilitated centralized irrigation systems, and the producers who grow or intend to grow high value crops.

( Dr. Sajid mehmood Nadeem is presently working as Principal of UAF Sub-Campus Burewala-Vehari.).

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