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Title: Dietary modification with the addition of kitchen gardening at household level through technology transfer in Burewala
Principal Investigator: Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan
Co-principal Investigator: Dr. Osama Bin Abdul Hafeez
Co-principal Investigator:

The most significant social problems in many developing countries including Pakistan are widespread child malnutrition. Child malnutrition is considered as the key risk factor for illness and death, contributing to more than half the deaths of children globally. Several studies have shown malnutrition as the reflection of poverty, with people not having enough income to buy food, while many other empirical studies have found no association between poverty and child malnutrition (Chirwa and Ngalawa, 2008). The project will provide healthy food and save money with the help of kitchen gardening. Micronutrient rich vegetables will be grown in their garden or in different pots at home level to limit the malnutrition. University of Agriculture intends to assist Govt. of Punjab in Kitchen Gardening campaign by providing quality seeds of Summer (Okra, Bottle Gourd and Bitter gourd) as well as winter vegetables (Carrot, Radish, Turnip) to approximately 1000 families in lower Punjab. Project will also provide technical assistance regarding kitchen gardening.

  1. Improvement of nutritional status of families through  feeding practices, cooking methods and kitchen gardening. 
  2. To provide technical trainings about kitchen gardening.
  3. Amelioration of living standards by the introduction of healthy eating practices, balanced diet and production of nutrient enriched vegetables.

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