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Dr. Sohail Akhtar

Assistant Professor

Email: sakhtar.pp@uaf.edu.pk
Cell No: +92-300-5047053
OfficeContact: 067-3360251
HEC Approved Supervisor: No


Journal Articles:

  1. Khan, A.J., Akhtar, S., Al-Zaidi, A.M., Singh, A.K. and Briddon, R.W., 2013, Genetic diversity and distribution of a distinct strain of Chili leaf curl virus and associated betasatellite infecting tomato and pepper in Oman, Virus Research, 177, 87-97
  2. Khan, A.J., Akhtar, S., Singh, A.K. and Briddon, R.W., 2013, A distinct strain of Tomato leaf curl Sudan virus causes tomato leaf curl disease in Oman, Plant Disease, 97, 1396-1402
  3. Khan, A.J., Akhtar, S., Al-Matroushi, A.M., Fauquet, C.M. and Briddon, R.W., 2013, Introduction of East African cassava mosaic Zanzibar virus to Oman harks back to “Zanzibar, the capital of Oman. , Virus Genes, 46, 195-198

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