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Dr Kashif Qureshi

Assistant Prof.

Email: knqreshi@gmail.com
Cell No: 0300-5089432
OfficeContact: 067-9239066
HEC Approved Supervisor: No


 Climate Change; GIS; Crop Modelling


  1. Umar Z., K.N. Qureshi, A.B. Tabinda, S. Umar and R. Shahzeb (2017) An Integrated GIS-Based MultiCriteria Evaluation of Fresh Water Aquaculture Development in District Lahore, Pakistan, Aquaculture (Submitted).
  2. Qureshi, K. N., G. Richter and N. Ahmad, (2016) Assessing Future Wheat Irrigation in Pakistan under Climate Change. In: International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture in Pakistan, Faisalabad, p. 71.
  3. Richter G. M., Lawlor D. W., Latiri K., Acutis M. and Qureshi K. N. (2007) Field scale Water-Use Efficiency – Inherent Variability and Options for Crop Selection and Management. Options Mediterranneenes (Series A). 72, 93-100.

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