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Dr. Muhammad Abubakkar Azmat

Assistant Professor

Email: abubakarpbg@uaf.edu.pk
Cell No: +92-332-6632579
OfficeContact: 067-3360251
HEC Approved Supervisor: No


Molecular basis of plant microbe interaction, Biotechnology


Journal Articles:

  1. Azmat, M. A., A. A. Khan, H. M. N. Cheema, M. Ashraf and S. Niaz, 2013, Detached leaf assay coupled with microscopic conidial quantification: An efficient screening method for powdery mildew resistance in pea, Int. J. Agric. Biol., 15, 957-962
  2. Azmat, M. A. and A. A. Khan, 2013, Inheritance of er-1 based broad-spectrum powdery mildew resistance in pea (Pisum sativum L.)., Not Bot Horti Agrobo. , 41, 485-490
  3. Haq, I., A. A. Khan and M. A. Azmat, 2013, Assessment of genetic diversity in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L) using RAPD markers, Pak. J. Agri. Sci., 50, 655-662

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