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Dr. Sajid Mahmood Nadeem

Associate Professor

Email: smnadeem@uaf.edu.pk
Cell No: +92-333-6533119
OfficeContact: 067-3360251
HEC Approved Supervisor: yes


Plant growth under stress conditions with special references to microbial application. Microbial interaction with plants under stress conditions/Microbial ecology/diversity. Soil chemistry with special reference to salt-affected soil and water quality.


Book Chapter

  1. Nadeem, S.M., M. Ahmad, Z.A. Zahir and M. Asharf. 2012. Microbial ACC-Deaminase Biotechnology: Perspectives and Applications in Stress Agriculture. In: D.K. Maheshwari, (ed) Bacteria in Agrobiology: Stress Management. Springer, Heidelberg, Germany.
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  3. Nadeem S.M., M. Naveed, M. Ahmad and Z.A. Zahir. 2015. Rhizosphere bacteria for biomass production and improvement of stress tolerance: Mechanisms of action, applications and future prospects. In: N Arora (ed) Plant Microbe Symbiosis: Applied Facets Springer, India.
  4. Nadeem S.M., M. Ahmad, Z.A. Zahir and M.A. Kharal. Role of Phytohormones in Stress Tolerance of Plants. In: K.R. Hakeem and M.S. Akhtar. Plant, Soil and Microbes: Mechanisms and Molecular Interactions. Springer, Switzerland.
  5. Ahmad M., S.M. Nadeem, M. Naveed and Z.A. Zahir. Potassium Solubilizing Bacteria and their Application in Agriculture. In: V.S. Meena, B.R. Maurya, J.P. Verma and R.S. Meena (eds). Potassium Solubilizing Microorganisms for Sustainable Agriculture. Springer, India

Research Papers

  1. Ghafoor, A., S. M. Nadeem, Anwar-ul-Hassan and M. Sadiq. 2001. Reclamation response of two different textured saline-sodic soils to ECiw: SARiw. Pak. J. Soil Sci. 19: 84-91.
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